Tips: Help your Photographer get Amazing Wedding Pictures

December 16, 2020

He swooped in for the kiss and the veil flowed in the wind.The KissWedding Photography by bARNDOOR in Windsor, NS Canada. Image of this beautiful couple taken at King-Edgehill Baptist Church. As a Wedding Photographer, for many years, the one thing that I have learned is that, all those amazing, outstanding and creative images have one thing in common.  The photographer, the bride and the groom work together as a team.  The bride and groom listen to me, their photographer, because they know they are paying for my expertise to get those amazing, outstanding and creative images.  So,  I have written a booklet that give many of the observations and tips I have learned over the past 30 + years.   I share this booklet with my clients when we meet for the first time.

Here are a few tips from that booklet ‘Tips – Help your photographer get Amazing Wedding Pictures’.  Call me to book a meeting to discuss your wedding and receive your free book with lots of tips.

Schedule plenty of time for wedding formals:

This is one of the most important tips other then hiring a professional.  Slow down its not a race.  The more time you allow for your photographs, the more I can get creative, help you to relax, and get some great shots. The best photos I’ve created came from brides and grooms that allowed a good amount of time for photographs.

Select portrait locations that mean something:

I love portraits in the park with all the pretty flowers but that’s not the only option. If there is a special place nearby…consider using it instead. Was your first kiss in front of your high school? We could shoot there. Do you have a favorite local hang out? See if the owners would mind a 20-30 minute session the day of your wedding.  Don’t discount the location that is not pretty, like an underpass with graffiti it can make a great backdrop for the bride. Just don’t be afraid to do something different. There are cool backdrops almost everywhere.

Plan for the weather:

Most of my weddings take place in Nova Scotia.  I wish I could promise you blue skies and sunshine but unfortunately for all of us we could have a blizzard in May.  Make sure you have a backup location in mind. There are many indoor locations that you can use but almost all require advance notice and some have a fee.  Believe me when I say this is a small price for not having to worry or scrambling to find umbrellas.  But if you do need to bring those umbrellas, coordinated the umbrellas for the pictures.


Speaking of looking good, a bride always looks best without the deer-in-the-headlights-look. Take a deep breath. Laugh. Do whatever it takes to feel beautiful. You’ve hired a trusted photographer, right? Trust me and own that pose

Arriving at the ceremony:

  • As you pull up in the bridal car wind your window down, that way I can have a good unobstructed shot into the car without having to deal with the window reflection.
  • Don’t be too quick to get out, wait for me  – It might be “old school” but a photo of your dad (or whoever for that matter) assisting you out of the car makes for a great shot.
  • Breath!!


  • Take your time down the isle, give me lots of opportunity that great shot.
  • Rings, now girls I know you have been practicing this and can get a ring on a man’s finger in .3 seconds flat – Well done! I can’t however shoot that fast so give me a moment why don’t cha… take your time
  • Both of you: A long soft kiss looks much better on camera than the “passionate bedroom explorer”, give each other a big slow hug after, it makes for a great shot especially if you can see the smiles of your guests in the photo too


  • Give me at least 20 to 30 minutes to get the formal pictures.
  • Assign a Brides maid or Maid of Honour to keep a close eye on your dress and makeup.  I am looking through the small screen of the camera so this helps insure that you are always as beautiful as when you started.
  • You have probably spent hours looking for a great photographer, let me be great! Give me at least 60 minutes with the two of you, none of us like to keep our guests waiting but this is something you do once.  The day goes by so fast and you will be asking did we really just get married the next day.  You proof is in the pictures to hand down to your children and your grandchildren.
  • HAVE FUN!!! If you guys have fun with each other the photos of the two will be fabulous!! There are very few pictures when we are smiling and having a good time that don’t look great.


  • First Dance, Cake Cutting, Garter and Bouquet: Make sure you inform me in advance! I like to set up a few lights to create mood and give you the best shots for each moment this only takes a minute, telling me 30 seconds before it’s about to happen is not particularly useful.
  • First Dance: Dance the whole song through before inviting your family, give me as much time to get great photos as possible. Check with the DJ that he will do this, its usually the DJ that invites everyone else on 30 seconds into the dance – I make a point of letting them know that the whole song should run it’s course with just the two of you.
  • Don’t put the photographers table in another room, I need to see what’s going and I am always looking for a great shot I can’t do that from the back room.

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