Photo Booth

  1. A Photo Booth can be a fun addition to your wedding o event. We offer a wide variety of price options. Our price are based on your needs

All Photo Booths come with a monitor so your guests can see themselves as if looking at the screen of a camera only much bigger.  They take their own pictures with the remote, an assistant is there to help. Every guest is given a card with instructions on how to access their pictures.  There is a 3 hr minimum however you can book for a longer time frame.

  1. Basic is a one light setup with just the camera. (No backdrop, curtain, or props). All pictures are uploaded to Facebook.  350.00 for 3 hr
  2. Photo Booth with curtain, backdrop, props and 2 light setup. Uploaded to Facebook. 650.00 for 3 hrs
  3. CD of files for Photo Booth 30.00
  4. To print pictures at event 200.00 for 4×6 prints per 3hrs