Posing for your pictures


Mt Uniacke House

Prom Photos at Mt Uniacke House

Posing for your pictures



Think of your posture. Unless I am asking you to pose a certain way.  Hold yourself confidently and tall.  You will look much better if you hold your shoulders back and your stomach in no matter what size you are.


Remember to be natural.  Be conscious of how you are posing. Your body portrays a language when you are posing what are you trying to convey.


Unless I direct you to do otherwise, when standing, put the majority of your body weight on one foot only; this will make your body make a naturally gracious “S” shape.

Prom Photo Kings Edgehill

Prom Photo at Kings Edgehill School

  • Regardless of your body shape, doing this will simulate more of an hour glass figure. Popping your hip out gives you a curve in just the right place. Think of posing in curves and angles.


Think about where your hands are and how are they positioned. You want to create angles with you arms and hands. Try to allow room between the arm and waist to give your waist a smaller look.  Flexed arms looked relaxed and natural.   For women your hands should be dainty and soft. (ballet hands)



If you wear glasses try tilting them slightly on your head if a flash is used this will help with glare on the lens.