Clothing tips for a Maternity Session

Maternity Portrait

Maternity Portrait

(this works for boudoir as well)

When someone asks me what should I bring when I do my in studio maternity session here’s my list…

White/black  boy-short underpants or shorts and bandeaus. (If you don’t have a bandeau, no problem, I have some of various sizes so ask I may have your size.)

Wearing a flowing dress or skirt that can be gathered to show off your figure can look great – pair with high heels if you want to go glam or go barefoot if you want a more ‘natural’ look.

Tops that are a solid colour or lightly patterned and logo-free.

A selection of tops – something white, something dark (doesn’t have to be black – could be navy or any shade of brown), and a couple of shirts in colours that look really great on you.

Black and nude/white bra

Think about bringing props related to your baby – booties, letter blocks, any other items of sentimental value that you might like in the photos.

Pants/jeans that are comfortable, not too tight around your belly, medium-coloured (denim is great) and can be folded or lowered out of the frame.

A white button-up blouse.

Consider accessories – chunky necklaces, bracelets, dangly earrings, feminine scarves that can help add texture, interest, and depth to your images.

Choose items that reflect your style – whether it’s chic or country, I’m sure we can work with it.

 Things you might want to think twice about wearing…:

Do not wear snug-fitting socks, pants or undergarments an hour before the shoot, so that you can minimize any lines that might appear on your skin.

As of with any portrait session clothes that have patterns (particularly pin stripes or small checks) or large obvious logos.  These can distract the eye from what’s most important about the photo.

Peter and Julia Maternity Session

Peter and Julia Maternity Session

“But what should my husband/boyfriend/partner wear?”

Like I say ‘Keep it simple’. Jeans and a black shirt or a white shirt, make for a great starting point. As a second option, it would be a good idea to bring a second shirt that compliments whatever you decide to wear – i.e. if you’re wearing jewel tones (rich, vibrant, bold colours), then he should wear something with a jewel tone as well, although it can be a white checked shirt with a jewel tone in the pattern rather than, say, trying to find an emerald green shirt to match your emerald green dress. Think about what fits your style as a couple and dress accordingly. Try to avoid pinstripes (they turn into wild disco patterns!) and bold logos.

Don’t forget the feet.  Check with your other half and decide natural (barefoot) or a nice pair of patent leather shoes.

With all of that being said, I will work with whatever you bring. Have something that you really want to wear? Bring it along!